Tammy Abraham Needs Chelsea to Shoot their Champions League"anger" on Liverpool in Super Sunday's Enormous Premier League Battle on Sky Sports.

The Blues were beaten 1-0 at home by Valencia in their opening Group H fixture Tuesday night following Ross Barkley missed a penalty for Frank Lampard's side.
But Abraham - that has emerged as the first-choice striker for very first time of Chelsea this season - instantly looked to Sunday's game, live on Sky Sports Premier League and played the defeat.
"(Sunday) is a test of personality. We could take out our anger against Liverpool," he said in Stamford Bridge.
"It's a large game and the two teams will be going to win. We'll look forward to putting (tonight's defeat) right.
"It's still early doors (from the Champions League). We're fuming we. But there's still five games - we only need to win our next five.
"We're obviously disappointed. We didn't play our very best football. Valencia arrived and stopped us playing the way so you've got to give credit to we desired.
"We're going to have a lot of ups and downs in a year. We have got to move on and not dwell on it"
Abraham is just one of academy scholars to have been given a chance this year along with hailed the backing of his manager.
"I must provide it (my private form) to the supervisor and players," he explained. "I had a little circumstance against Liverpool at which I missed a penalty and from there that they just encouraged me and believed in me.
"I am playing with such terrific players who create opportunities, so that I just must be in the right place at the right moment. It is always nice to know manager believes in you. Every game you want to do your very best for him."

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