When teams wins by 15+ points, you'd probably assume they have got momentum and will win their next match by 10+ also. But, the reverse is true more often than not.

Sports Insights discovered that NBA house favorites of 10+ points that are coming from 15+ point win beat the spread just 42.5% of their time.

That means you can also say that, teams that smash opponents are unlikely to do crush a team in their next competition. That fall off may be due to player fatigue or an inflated overconfidence, or perhaps as a consequence of bookmakers overreacting to their past blowout performance.

There's money to be produced with wagering against the spread of a team which simply smashed an their previous competitor by 15+ points.

On the counter into the aforementioned Blowout System, teams coming off poor offensive games possess a impressive record for bouncing back in their next home game.

The number crunchers at Bet Labs analyzed 250 games at which home teams were coming from a bad offensive match and saw that their following games went across the projected total points total approximately 62 percent of their time.

When doing your NBA study, start looking for plus .500 teams which created under 40 percent from the field in their previous game then bet the overall points over their next home game.

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