The Week 3 Monday Night matchup includes an all-NFC showdown between two squads desperately looking for a few positive vibes. Washington hosts the third week of NFL action to shut out, although these squads had very different ambitions back in training camp -- compared to the man might concede, they have.
The Bears were hammered in home in Week 1 by Green Bay, also quite richly edged out Denver in Week 2 -- a game in. For a group that most believed favourites that were crucial in the competitive NFC North branch, they have not demonstrated that kind -- particularly on crime.
Washington enters their third match of this year. They have both been thoroughly outplayed up to now, both by competitions. With a miracle, it's likely to be another playoff-less year in D.C., and it is going to be interesting to determine when rookie quarterback Dwayne Haskins finally receives a shot at reinvigorating their offence.
It's been a rewarding week thus far because of our picks at TheSportsGeek, and let us look to terminate the week away on a top note. Read on below the posted breakdown odds for a match trailer, and betting choice for the Redskins and Bears on Monday Night Football.
Chicago Bears -4.5 (-115)
@ Washington Redskins +4.5 (-105)
More than 41 (-105)
Underneath 41 (-115)
I have zero clue how Washington intends on running their offense, but whatever the plan of attack is -- it's not going to operate against a heralded Chicago defense. Case Keenum anticipate the Bears to make things difficult for your journeyman quarterback, and has struggled during his first two games this season.
Keenum line protection isn't stellar right now, and you believe swimmers' defensive lineman Khalil Mack will likely be licking his chops. There are going to be plenty of openings for Mack to place Keenum under heavy duress and Keenum will be forced into a lot of hurried situations.
Adrian Peterson turned the clock to get a part of their game back, but do not anticipate a repeat showing from the future Hall of Famer. Even the Bears' boast the best defensive front from the match, and they'll be placing the clamps down on any jogging lanes, and beg Washington to try and throw them when they're not pursuing Keenum.
From one dud offense to another -- Mitch Trubisky wants a huge game on Monday night. The problem is, he's shown zero signs of progress or growth thus far. He's mistake-prone, incorrect, and inconsistent from game-to-game. Trubisky knows his time is running out to impress, as the Bears' defense is Super Bowl worthy, but their crime lags so far behind. Luckily for him, he is going to perform better and bounce back in Week 3 because the Redskins have numerous holes inside their secondary.
Start looking to secure space and more time, and be able to torch Washington. They have conceded big plays through the air this year, also the enormous arm of Trubisky should contribute to a more on Monday Night Football. For David Montgomery, look on the ground to keep his remarkable rookie season. Washington because of this there may be holes out there for your running back, and will be without defensive lineman Jonathan Allen.
The Bears place him to succeed and will likely be very cautious Even though it might seem dangerous to lay above a field goal on Mitch Trubisky. It is going to also assist that Washington is going to soon be hard-pressed to muster things so expect a more conservative offensive assault from Chicago to restrict mistakes. This will not be a match that is pretty, and don't expect lots of highlights -- but search to win it .

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