Team USA Direct the Mosconi Cup 8-7, Putting it up.

The afternoon began with the scores at 5-5 and that was lengthy by USA together with Skyler Woodward.
A Joshua Filler motivated Europe fought back though as the beat Shane van Boening 5-0 earlier Jayson Shaw along with Niels Feijen acquired a thriller from Justin Bergman and Billy Thorpe who had it and sparked parties.
There was a tonne of stress, said Feijen. I had been fighting the first two days and every small thing that goes wrong you get punished severely. We didnt do much wrong but we were down 3-0 therefore the heat was right away but we stuck by it, played some pleasant shots, fast wins and the audience were incredible.
This is a monster triumph. When Billy got hooked at 4-4, he left a huge bank but the shape was rough about the seven and Justin had a lot of strain on him
This is a big win and were only one point down today with singles to perform tomorrow. Its game , added Shaw.
Last year we had been down three going into the final day and we came back strong. 1 match affects everything and there is a great deal of tension out there now, so tomorrow the singles are going to be enormous.
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