Tuesday marked Cam Newton's return to throwing in front of reporters following the second shoulder surgery of his career in January.
Newton had reportedly reworked his throwing motion during the rehabilitation process, a change that NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport reported had made those within the Panthers construction"giddy."
On Tuesday, Newton"introduced" his tightened casting mechanisms during Carolina's first day of mandatory minicamp. Behold:Per reporters on the scene in Charlotte, Newton threw around 30 passes during the roughly 25-minute semester to stationary targets with a more compact motion; goals weren't moving so that Newton could focus on keeping his throws in shape, NFL Network's Tiffany Blackmon reported.
It's only his first practice back, and there's no telling what Newton's throwing motion will look like come September when the bullets are flying, however, the Panthers are impressed with the quarterback's progress regardless.
"The shoulder started to go (last year ), then you began to see what fall to the wayside. Now he has an opportunity to return, rework those matters, do exactly the things that he needs to do to improve," Panthers coach Ron Rivera told reporters. "He has done a fantastic job and we're really excited about it.
"As I said, this is just the very first step of many and we are actually looking forward to tomorrow to find out how much more he's going to do."
The Panthers skipper added to Blackmon which Newton felt"very good" after clinic.
Rivera couldn't offer any information concerning the specifics of Newton's reworked mechanics, joking,"I can give you a rundown on tackling" The Panthers coach did say his message into Cam during minicamp is to keep doing what he has been doing.
"I'd love to see him continue to stick to his casting technique," Rivera added. "How he throws the ball, I think he shouts a nice, tight spiral when everything is how it's supposed to be and that is what he's working for so we are just excited to see him only grow and develop."
Carolina expects Newton's return to form is twofold. A wholesome Cam should cede to a productive Cam, such as the one who was completing 67 percent of his passes with a 15:4 TD-INT ratio during the Panthers' first eight games in 2018, his very first effort under offensive coordinator Norv Turner.
Asked if Newton was back on path to playing how he did throughout the early autumn of 2018, Rivera was authoritative.
"Surely," the trainer said. "As Norv stated, I think that the biggest thing moreso than anything else would be you saw the expansion, you saw the development. He will now be in the second year in the computer system. Recognizing exactly what he needs to do as a quarterback, decisions he needs to make, is going to dictate a lot about his casting style as well."
One day down, 88 to proceed till Carolina kicks off against the Los Angeles Rams. For Newton, that is 88 chances to improve and receive right.

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