Ederson and Alisson have changed the goalkeeping position says Bournemouth keeper Aaron Ramsdale and England U21.
Young goalkeepers today have to aspire to be as good as midfielders as soon as it comes to their skill on the ball, otherwise they won't triumph in the Premier League, according to Ramsdale.
Along with puts this down to Manchester and Liverpool City stoppers.
"The way the game is about now, it's just completely different," he states.
"You've got both in the very best - Allison and Ederson, who are probably out there in their at that side of the game. Jordan [Pickford] isn't a 1 for England, his passing ability is like a midfielder actually, and it's a pass, it is not a kick.
"The amount of times he sets attacks up for Everton and England is why he is in the group now."
Ramsdale was caught on the ball twice by Leicester striker Jamie Vardy on Saturday, as he tried to play from the trunk. It will not change the way he attempts to perform, although he states that he must learn the lessons from that.
"I think after the initial one I have to have maybe learned my lesson," he clarifies.
"Listen - we would like to attempt to play out in Bournemouth, and especially at England. If each time I catch the ball I'm not doing my work.
"If we want to play that way, definite times you are going to get caught from it. It's not, and how often it's possible to stop that error concede out of it.
"I can possibly attempt to rush up myself a little, however [Vardy] is still one of the finest in the company at doing that style of soccer. Hopefully we'll see not one of these type of incidents, and it won't cost us goals"
Ramsdale believes being described as a'great shot-stopper' is seen from the contemporary goalkeeper as almost a criticism:"First and foremost though, you do have to try to keep the ball from the net".
In the age of 21, he's seen the challenge of Chelsea goalkeeper Asmir Begovic, that joined Qarabag in Azerbaijan on loan for the remainder of this season.
It's a massive increase for Ramsdale, who spent last year at AFC Wimbledon on loan, helping to escape relegation.
The enthusiasm is clear from his face. "It's one I can't believe, I'm still pinching myself concerning it to, be frank.
"It's one where I thought I might not get there so soon, however I backed myself to become the No 1. I am not there - I'm still a very long way from becoming that, although yes, I've started the first four games.
"It does not mean it's mine for the time - that I must keep impressing the director, my team-mates along with the fans."
So far this season, he has already come up in the Premier League from Sergio Aguero Vardy and Raheem Sterling.
"off the pitch, attempting to get your head round it, seeing clips of those strikers, thinking'I'm going to be playing against these strikers at the weekend!'' , it is difficult. But I take it. If you proceed through games thinking'Oh my God! That is Aguero!' , then you're paying them much esteem.
"I've got to try to overlook that, think I'm there for a reason, and also help the team out."
Ramsdale a Part of the England U21 squad who confront two Qualifiers followed on Monday by Kosovo in Hull.

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